Dec 22
1-8-15: The DBA Interview

January 8, 2015 Meeting


We'll be meeting at the Network Business Systems office in their conference room at their new Midtown location:

3000 C Street, Suite 210

Anchorage, Alaska  99503 

Click here for directions.


The DBA Interview 

If you're looking to hire a DBA, chances are you already have a vast repertoire of expert-level gotcha questions for the prospective hire.  I know, there's a grim sort of satisfaction watching someone squirm in their chair trying to remember how a UNION join works, while your coworkers snicker in the next room.  I once helped create an elaborate "DBA Questionnaire" to be used to grill interviewees, one that was so difficult we actually had a couple of people walk out. 

But it's not cruel, really.  A tech interview has to be hard, because you need to find out if the fantastic resume they gave you is worth the paper it's printed on.  One time I interviewed a guy who had all kinds of certs (an MCITP for SQL 2008 R2!) but he couldn't answer the simplest of questions. 

Whether you're looking for a DBA or you're a DBA looking for a job (or if you've never been a DBA and want to break in to the market) then this session is for you.  I'll go over some basic interview techniques and then share some interview questions from the "DBA Questionnaire".  Feel free to share some of your own!

Speaker: Greg Burns

Greg Burns has been working as a SQL Server DBA (and sometime developer) since 1997.  He has worked with SQL Server in some way nearly every day since then, from server builds and migrations to database design and reporting.  He is the chapter leader for the Alaska SQL User Group (and also the Alaska SharePoint User Group).  He currently works as a senior consultant for Network Business Systems in Anchorage, AK.   

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