Feb 17
3-10-16: Tuning Indexes with SQLDMO and System Views

Topic for the March 2016 Meeting:


Tuning Indexes using SQLDMO and System Views

Like Frankenstein's Monster (or our teenagers) things get released into the wild and behave differently than planned - database usage patterns are no different. Join Tim as he reviews what to look for when tweaking your index strategy using the SQL Server Dynamic Management Objects and system views as well. Tim will spend a fair amount of time initially reviewing these constructs so a very basic idea of what DMOs and system views is all you need to get you right into the conversation.  We will cover:

  • Analyzing Fragmentation
  • Identifying Index/Heap Use/Non-Use
  • Discovering Page Splits
  • Returning Information on What Indexes Exist on a Specific Table
  • Presenting Your Largest Indexes by Size and Rows

Audience: DBA / IT Pro, Level 200-300

GlennBerry.jpgAbout Tim Ford, SQLCruise.com
Tim Ford is an Author and Community Leader whose technical passions lie in creative solutions for managing and presenting data.  He spent 16 years in the healthcare sector as a Developer, Database Administrator, Team Leader and (hands-on) Manager where he created the entire SQL Server environment of eventually hundreds of instances and thousands of databases from the ground-up.  He recently traded all that in for a position at SurveyMonkey that adds the intricacies of administering an environment requiring single-digit-millisecond response times and also brings him into working in a developer-centric environment.  Tim also leads SQL Agent Man Consultancy and SQL Cruise Events where he takes 25-30 students and Technical Leaders in the SQL Community and places them on cruise ships for technical and professional development training without the distractions of the office and internet twice a year on SQL Cruises (www.sqlcruise.com).  2017 will bring SQL Cruise back to Alaska for the first time since 2013 (and to the Caribbean of course.)

Tim and Louis Davidson wrote the book on DMOs and loves to discuss them with anyone willing to listen. He's thrilled to be able to speak to the Alaska SQL Server Users Group this March.

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