Mar 27
4-13-17: Azure SQL Database: 12 Things To Know, with Sven Aelterman

Topic for the April 2017 Meeting: 

Azure SQL Database: 12 Things To Know

Abstract:  Up and running with Azure SQL Database already? This session will provide a grab bag of 12 how-to items you'll need to know to successfully keep your database running. Among those, we'll cover PowerShell for Azure SQL DB, geo-replica and other disaster recovery features and monitoring. As Azure SQL DB rapidly gains capabilities, rest assured that this session covers the latest!.


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Sven Aelterman is the Director of IT for the Sorrell College of Business at Troy University; a role with a global scope. He manages IT staff and all technology aspects of the College and ensures alignment with the College’s strategic initiatives. He is also a lecturer in Information Systems and has taught courses in data warehousing and information security.

In addition, he is founder and principal consultant at Adduxis, where he assists customers in areas of SQL Server/.NET, high availability/disaster recovery and Azure. Sven focuses on application design and architecture and secure coding practices. In 2012, he co-authored “The Art of SQL Server FILESTREAM,” published by Red Gate Books.

In 2015, he started work with customers of Sorrell Solutions, L.L.C. (a business services firm owned by the Troy University Foundation) as Cloud Software Architect. The current project is design and development of a specialized EHR for school-located vaccination clinic providers.

He received an MBA from Troy University and bachelor’s degree from the Hogeschool Gent (University College Ghent) in Belgium, his native country.

Sven is married to Ebony and they have a son, Edward, and a daughter, Sofia. They live in Troy, Alabama. .

Sven will be presenting remotely via WebEx; this session will also be recorded and posted to the AlaskaSQL YouTube Channel.

This event has ended.  Watch now on YouTube!