11-13-14: SQL Server Optimization for SharePoint

Sep 15
11-13-14: SQL Server Optimization for SharePoint

November 13, 2014 Meeting


We'll be meeting at the Network Business Systems office in their conference room at their new Midtown location:

3000 C Street, Suite 210

Anchorage, Alaska  99503 

Click here for directions.


SQL Server Optimization for SharePoint

DBAs know that SharePoint just doesn't play nice with SQL Server. SharePoint administrators know that DBAs just don't understand SharePoint. This session will show hands-on how to get a SQL Server instance set up more effectively for SharePoint 2013. It's not black magic and it doesn't involve undocumented trace flags. Maybe DBAs and SharePoint admins can't get along, but at least you'll be able to cooperate after this session.

[Note: Sven will also be presenting this topic to the Alaska SharePoint User Group on 10-23-14].

Speaker: Sven Aelterman 
I am a Lecturer in Information Systems at Troy University's Sorrell College of Business in Troy, Alabama, USA. I am also the Director of IT for the College of Business, which means I am principally responsible for all technology in the College.  When possible, I also continue to be involved in consulting for the Microsoft platform, which includes .NET, SQL Server, Windows Server, and COM technologies. Most recently, I've worked on SQL Server high-availability and disaster recovery projects.


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