3-12-15: Backup and Restore

Mar 09
3-12-15: Backup and Restore

This month's topic will be about the most mundane of a DBA's duties: Backing up and restoring a database. 

At least, it should be mundane.  You don't want backups and restores to be exciting, for example at two in the morning when you find out that the backups from the last six months are no good.  ​

In this session, Greg Burns will talk about:

  • The Basics of Backup and Restore
  • Meeting an SLA
  • 3rd Party Backup solutions
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Scripting a Backup / Restore
  • Centralizing your SQL Agent jobs
  • Ola Hallengren's Backup script

Target audience: IT Admins, DBAs, and Developers.  This will be a broad topic ranging from the 100 level to the 300 level. 

Speaker: Greg Burns

Greg Burns has been working as a SQL Server DBA (and sometime developer) since 1997.  He has worked with SQL Server in some way nearly every day, from server builds and migrations to database design and reporting.  He is a SQL PASS chapter leader for the Alaska SQL User Group (and also runs the Alaska SharePoint User Group).  He currently works as a senior consultant for Network Business Systems in Anchorage, AK.   

Download the SQL Script used in this presentation

After watching the video, I have realized there are a couple of mistakes.  I normally put a lot of time and effort into a presentation and make sure all the information is accurate, but this time I winged it a little and got a couple of facts wrong.  Although I think it's mostly good, I'd rather not leave the video out there and possibly lead people astray.

Here are some links I mentioned during the meeting: 


Intermediate / Advanced: